Hello New Decade!

It’s a new decade, so let’s try this one more time.

https://stilettosinasandbox.blog/category/parenting/ (first blog post back!)

I think I have proved to myself that I do not own the cards that I am dealt. They are simply borrowed. This decade instead of trying to control where my cards are going I am choosing to embrace where they land.

With that, welcome back friends! This is the new(ish) StilettosInASandBox. Many of you that know me outside of my blog know that my life this past year has been a rollercoaster. 6 Flags kind of rollercoaster, the one you stand in line for 2 hours, shake in the seat, scream but also laugh through it and then get stuck upside down in the middle. 🙂

This time I have stayed away from my blog not because I didn’t have time, although I have very little like most of you mamas, but more so because my year was very personal. I needed this year to grow; and with growth comes growing pains. Although I didn’t blog, I picked up journaling. Now I find that I am finally ready to share the pages of my journal with you all.

Through everything I have experienced, I have found a small group of women that have empowered, lifted and supported me. Funny how life will take you through the depths of pain to bring you through a rainbow. I don’t know if any two people can relate on every level but I do believe that every person can find one similar something with anyone standing next to them. That has been a really beautiful realization for me this year. Understanding that everyone struggles with something to some depth, and as humans we need each other to navigate through life.

There is only three reasons you are reading this post;

  1. You accidentally clicked 🙂
  2. You are just one of those miserable people that likes to follow other people’s lives through your screen to criticize them behind their back
  3. You actually find my content relatable! YAY!

So… if you are here because you accidentally clicked, I hope you stick around. You may find something you like.

If you are just that miserable and want to watch my rollercoaster life unravel before your eyes, please take a seat I hope you enjoy the show. Because truly I am writing this blog for the possibility that ONE person finds my content relatable. Maybe that ONE person is going through the muck of life that I found myself in and I am able to walk with them to the rainbow with my words. This blog is for you 😉

Click here for my first blog post: https://stilettosinasandbox.blog/category/parenting/

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