Mama Monday Motivation


It’s Monday, you made it. You made it through the laundry, the mopping, cooking, park, gum in the hair, mud in the shoes and finding the old hot dog behind the TV that sparked you Sherlock senses.

And shit… everyone is still breathing, alive and well. I guarantee you probably received a thank you and if you’re lucky maybe a please? Cheers, you’re not the only one.

This summer I have had a few weeks to reflect on my full time job as a mom while my kids have had beyond a fun summer vacation. For the first time, both kids went off to grandpa’s in Los Angeles for 3 weeks, spent a fun filled few weeks in Austin again, and are now with their dad in North Dakota for 10 days. It is funny how missing these chores is what makes me realize how much we do as moms.

Like most of you being a mom is not my only full time job. I recently started working with LaCorsha Hospitality as a Director of Sales on one of their newest project with an upcoming hotel here in Austin. (shameless plug: visit East Austin Hotel in November!) In the midst of the whirlwind, I was added on to open a second property in Salado, Texas. As crazy as this all sounds; this is truly my passion and I could not be more excited. But let’s get real for a moment. That is not always life.

I remember walking into my previous property in Minnesota excited to see my team and staff and ready to empower and support them everyday but dreading the outside factors of my job. Those days can get long and we have all been there. So having a moment to step back and reflect with my children being away, and indulging myself in my career with a company that makes me beyond happy, I wanted to throw some motivation your way.

You, fellow mothers, do a thankless job day in and day out and no matter how many thank yous you get I guarantee its nearly not enough. As women we spend so much time comparing ourselves to each other from grade school to college. When we think we are happy with how our lives turned out, we pop out these angels (or adopt ❤ my personal favorite kind of mom), and start then comparing ourselves to the other moms. The fit moms with the abs, the stay at home moms (bless their hearts for committing to that different kind of hell. I praise them!), the career moms, the moms that send the home made lunches and the moms that don’t forget their children’s birthdays. It is tough competition out there ladies. Guess what? Every single one of them struggles. Their Instagram feed only promises to show you the brighter side of things.

If my career is going well and I am spending every night at the pool with my kids and crafting and parkin’ on the weekends, I can tell you McDonald’s is on the schedule 4-5 times that week.

A small key to happiness I have found in being a mom is, no one does it better than you. No one in your situation, with your children, with your time, your commitments and your energy will do a better job than you. You know what the beauty in that is? You can’t test that theory ;). Feel free to hit your mother or mother in law with that one. Thank me later. In all seriousness, most of the details will not matter. Your children will not remember a mopped floor, unstained t-shirts, 3 course 0 fat, 12g of protein dinners, boxed home made lunches or the smell from that nasty hot dog behind the TV going on week two. They will remember the park, the hikes, the pool, the wrestling matches and the nasty mac and cheese from a box and the route to the McDonalds drive through like it was road to the gold mine in Fort Nite.

So do yourself a favor, let them re-wear the stained shorts. Trust me you will still be tired and you will then know you are doing it right. Tired and happy.

Cheers to another day, week, month. You are the best mama they will ever get and they will only get one!

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