So our family just finished up our first season ever of Hockey and as relieved as I am… one week later I kind of miss it. So I decided I would put together this video before I started to forget a few of the tougher moments of hockey season.

If you prefer to read content over videos here’s my list of positives, negatives and tips!


1. This sport is fast pace and isn’t boring to watch. So if I had to spend hours at an arena I suppose watching something a little more fast pace helps.

2. My son Mikail, loved it. Everything about it. Getting on the ice early and getting off the ice last.

3. There is potential to make “parent friends” with other parents. I didn’t indulge in this too much because I have a crazy enough schedule but if youre looking for a sport that you can possibly make friends in this is it. It seems a little culty on the outside but they’re a lot nicer when you’re one of them haha.

4. If you’re in a community like mine where hockey is fully supported there is always a way to find old gear and support from other parents. My friend Mel and her husband Matt were a huge part of getting us signed up and through the whole season!


1. Cost- but everyone who goes in to this sport knows that. Our hockey association does an amazing job with fundraising so that you’re able to rent some of the equipment when you first start which is a huge help! Traveling won’t start until your child is older but keep that in mind, your winter months will revolve around this sport!

2. Time- two practices during the week and one on the weekend. Those weekend practices are early… not like 10am early but like 7am and 8am early. Specially when tournaments are in town and the older teams need ice for their games.

3. The “hockey moms” are relentless with the raffle tickets, donut money and the volunteer hour sign ups. Hahaha…Lucky for me the volunteer hours weren’t required for first years. As for the hockey moms again, they do an awesome job in making sure the kids have these extras to keep them motivated and going. But seriously the app we had to download for the updates didn’t go a day without a few alerts and a few mini dramas. All in all pretty fun so I can’t really call this a negative just a heads up!

4. It is frowned upon to want to jump over the box and deck the slightly older and much bigger kid hitting your 5 year old in the back of his legs… so I stayed upstairs and watched from a far to prevent myself from embarrassing my 5 year old. FYI this happened multiple times when my son moved from practicing with Termites to Mites but my 5 year old can hold his own so I got used to it as well.

5. You have no choice but to be organized. The schedules change, sometimes daily on the dates and times so you have to stay on top of it. Practice starts at the time it starts. You can stroll in late but then you look like an asshole parent when your kid skates in the middle of a routine.

6. If you have other children you better invest in an iPad, a hobby, a book subscription or any other means of keeping them busy at the arena. Dealing with the “I’m cold, I’m bored, how much longer?” is absolutely more annoying than being at the arena for four hours a week.

7. If it is your first year you are in for a hell of an awakening. This is isn’t soccer or baseball where you show up 2 minutes before practice, with a juice box and send them out with a glove or ball to pick daisies on the field. I left work 30 minutes earlier on hockey days just to warm up my sons skates, put on all his gear and fill up his water bottle. You will become the master of tying laces and the MVP of racing the clock on putting on shin pads. FYI socks go over the shin pads.


1. Learn to tie those laces before your first practice.

2. Check practice times on Sunday and put calendar reminders on your phone. I promise you will forget a few.

3. Start looking for gear before the season. Now would be a great time for next season when everyone is getting rid of their old stuff with intention of buying new gear at the start of next season.

4. Hype those raffle tickets early so you aren’t scrambling last minute. Once again my friends Mel and Matt came to the rescue and helped me sell all of mine!

5. Seriously pick up a hobby for the time you will spend at the arena. I heard knitting is coming back in style.

Full disclosure: none of the negatives will keep us away because my son loves this sport. Whether he is showing off his stops or skating backwards, the smile on his face when he’s on the ice is priceless. Hockey is a lifestyle I’m coming to learn and if your child really wants to play in my honest opinion I’d do this first year all over again without a doubt so give it at least the first year.

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