Must Try Masks

I’ve always drifted by the shelves and shelves of masks at Walgreens/ CVS and always wondered how well they compare to the ones I pick up at Ulta & Sephora. I asked a friend about a snail mask a few weeks ago when she snapped a picture of it on Instagram. She mentioned it was from CVS and recommended I try them, as she found them just as good as some higher end ones she has used.

Since, I only know how to go 0-60 I went ahead and purchased 9 different masks from 6 different skin care lines. All of them ranging from $2-$4, so fairly inexpensive in my opinion. The ones I liked, I tried a second round just to make sure I had the same results. All of the ones I decided to do a round two on were under $3. I will keep this fairly short as I am sure I am going to try to review more beauty products and share with you the ones I love. These were my top 3 from this mask haul.Shea Moisture African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask with Tamarind Extract & Tea Tree Oil 0.5 oz [764302270720]

  1. Shea Moisture African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask: I have never tried African Black Soap before but have seen it in many magazines. I have an oily t-zone and drier skin everywhere else. This mask is intended to draw dirt, congestion and remove excess oil. It smelled pleasant like Shea Butter and was not as thick as some mud masks I’ve tried before. It felt more like a cream, so it didn’t have a crusty dry feeling. It was pretty intense as soon as I got it on my skin and increased intensity for the 15 minutes I had it on. (Directions say 10 minutes, once again I like to over do things) I would apply it very lightly around the eyes because I did have a little more sensitivity around that area.  I only used half of the product because there was so much of it. I used the rest the next day for a few smaller bumps I get on my chest. The next day I did notice my skin was secreting white heads, which is awesome! That means it is doing it’s job! Since the mask is just a cream like texture and goes right on your face its easy to go about your business. It is also cruelty free, certified organic and a family owned and operated company, which all around is pretty great in my opinion. I think I will be adding this to my weekly routine. For just about $2 I think it was a great find.
  2.  Peach Slices Shrink Pores: Since my trip to New York this winter I have been fascinated with the Korean Beauty product craze! My Canadian cousins raved about the products and I had a chance to shop around a few of the K-Beauty stores. This mask was a good follow up 2 days after the clarifying mask. It had quite a cool sensation. I cleansed and toned my skin and added an exfoliant. Since this mask focuses on shrinking pores I wanted to make sure I scrubbed out the gunk on my face before using the mask. The mask itself is made of pure cotton and clung to my face like a glove so I was able to scroll through Instagram without having to tilt my face back etc for the complete 20 minutes I had this mask on. This product has no artificial fragrance, alcohol, parabens, mineral oil, coloring, formaldehyde, sulfates and they do not test on animals. Once the mask was off I just pat in the remaining product which left my skin feeling as if something was still on it. When I looked at my face in the morning my pores looked much less prominent. I have excessively large pores so it may have been easier for me to notice. Overall I liked this product specially following the one above. Image result for elishacoy skin refining snail mask
  3. Skin Refining Snail Skin Re-generation: I was really hesitant to try this product. This one was the one that my friend had raved about, but when reading the packaging I noticed it stated it had snail slime in it. When I took it out of the package it looked like clear slime, but not sticky. It had an amazing smell, I am assuming the fragrance to mask the idea of snail slime in the product. Once again this product also was made with 100% cotton mask and was larger than the one above covering my face, the curves around my nose and under my chin as well. This mask was icy cold on your face and had a cool like tingly sensation.  I hope my descriptions are adequate! HAHA I really liked this one because I felt like my skin was just overall softer the next day. My imperfections was a little blurred and my skin just felt pillowy. With my skin getting so dry in the winter this was a nice little break of hydration.

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