Mom P.O.V on Parkland, Florida Shooting

After learning more about the individuals who were killed in the Parkland, Florida shooting I felt like I needed to express my opinion about gun laws and mental illness like so many other Americans.

As a mother of two young boys it breaks my heart knowing that the parents of these victims had to bury their children much too early. We drop off our children at school, wishing them a good day and giving them a kiss goodbye until we see them later that day at pick up. For these parents there is no more kiss goodbye, there is no more see you after school, there is no more did you have a good day? It baffles me that everyone of us has a child, friend, niece, nephew, grandchild in the school system that could have been on the other side of that bullet. If not that bullet, on the other side of a bullet at any other school shooting. So why are we all not standing up for much stricter gun laws? Why are we allowing money and power to buy out the safety of our children in a place where they should feel the most safe. Please don’t get me wrong, I enjoy hunting and I do have a fascination with shooting at a gun range but I do believe that there should be much more restrictions on purchasing and handling of a gun in this country. With that being said I will also state that I do not know enough about politics and gun laws to make any further comments as I stated in the video above, however I have a suggestion on how we can better the system that surrounds it.

Actually, before I go into that I will touch on the suggestion made that we arm our teachers with weapons to protect our children with their life when they are at school. Although, we all know many teachers that would do that in an instant, like one of the victims of Parkland, is that something that we should expect? Let us be reminded of how much, or how little I should say, we pay our teachers in our country. Aside from the long hours and being underpaid many of these teachers stay beyond what is required to help our children with home work, catching up or simply to have someone to talk to. In addition we seem to be unable to provide the basic necessities to teachers in our school system, like Kleenex and sanitizing wipes. To suggest arming our teachers with weapons, training, and then expecting them to put their lives in front of our children sounds like a piss poor suggestion in my opinion. In my opinion this is practically a laugh in the face of a genuine cry for help. This wildly insane idea makes our country look like a complete joke. I have the utmost respect for the teachers in my children’s school system. My older son’s teacher communicates with parents of his students on more than a weekly basis. His principal volunteers hours to coach his basketball team. My younger son’s teacher reaches out to the parents of students who are not fortunate enough to be able to provide snacks or valentines and helps to provide that for them. I am beyond blessed by the staff in our school system and I know that most parents will agree that the teachers in our school systems do beyond what we can ever expect out of them. In my opinion Policemen and Military risking their lives everyday to protect us deserve more pay than the athletes and celebrities we like to worship and if we are unable to fill a gap in their pay, how can we ever expect our teachers to then do the same. Once again, these are my opinions and by no means do you have to agree but I hope it is something you will think about.

Last but not least, is the purpose of this video and post. I want to encourage everyone out there, whether they have children or not, to reach out to the school systems and give them a hand. This is simply a plea from a mother of two little boys. None of us would ever expect to see our child’s school on the news in this manner. We all know a child that we care about deeply, and I don’t think we should wait until something this heartbreaking happens to one of our own children, to make a change in our communities. Schools are running on very little resources and not enough staff to reach out to children who may be struggling with mental illness, bullying, trouble at home, homelessness and other issues that are far beyond their capacity to handle.We are failing as a society in helping these children. We spend so many dollars on running prisons, rehabilitation programs and reforming troubled adults to fix a problem that may have been much easier to solve where it stems. We should be spending funding and resources to make sure that these children are prepared for the world they are entering as adults.  Today, we may not change gun laws, but we can step out side and into a school and give ourselves, our time, our energy and help a child in need. This may not be your ideal solution and this is just a suggestion, but today can be a day for change. Every day that goes by trying to identify a problem is a day that the problem goes unchanged. I hope you will join me in helping your local school and doing even the smallest part because I promise, to someone you will make the biggest difference.

I hope you all have a good night and tonight let us remember the lives that were lost in Parkland and hold our loved ones a little closer and a little longer. As always, thank you all for reading and being a part of this blog. I appreciate all your love and support.

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