Boots in A Sandbox


Hello. My name is Jonathan Campbell. Here’s a little about me.

Likes: People (Most of the time), Tacos, Siberian Huskies, Puns, Bodies of Water, Tattoos, Writing, Will Smith, Hiking and My Work.

Dislikes: Being sick & Clowns.

Superpowers: Parallel Parking, Baked Potatoes.

Weaknesses: Singing & Attention to Detail.

Welcome to Boots In A Sandbox.  Boots In A Sandbox is the sane (or the crazy, you decide) part of this blog.  It’s a place to learn about, and share, fun or meaningful experiences from a guy’s perspective.  The sandbox is our world (which we share with wearers of stilettos) and the boots tell stories of the path we’re on.  Here, you’ll read stories about life, relationships, work, faith, sports, (occasionally) politics, fitness, travel, and the like.  If you’re not super interested in dry shampoo techniques or finding the best eyeliner, try this page : ).  Either way, whether you wear boots or stilettos, I hope you find the articles in this section interesting, relate-able, and/or inspiring.

My journey began in the small town of Grafton, North Dakota, circa January 1983.  I grew up with two younger brothers, working on the farm, playing hockey, building tree houses, and listening to lots of music we shouldn’t have been listening to.  After high school, I became kind of a rambling man, attending college in Florida and Ohio, helping launch a new restaurant concept in the Midwest, and working with at-risk youth on the East Coast.  There were more ventures as well, some of the wandering with purpose, some not so much.  But I feel like I’ve learned a lot along the way.  I now call Austin, Texas – the Live Music Capital of the World – my home, working as Director of Social Outreach at a church just west of the city.  

To this blog page I bring with me some memorable experiences, friendships with people from all walks of life, visits to nearly every U.S. state, dreams come true and dreams shattered, wisdom and folly in relationships, and a relentless pursuit of trying to make the world a better place.  Often, I fail miserably at that last piece.  But I’m trying.  We all are.

Emaan Sourjah is my beautiful, selfless, intelligent, driven, funny, sassy, and stylish girlfriend.  She truly is one of the most inspiring persons I’ve ever met, and I am beyond grateful to walk this path of life with her : ).  She’s got two little banshees, Malik (9) and Mikail (5), who are pretty cool too.  I haven’t yet been married nor had kids myself, so this is a new experience for me.  I look forward to the joys and challenges of being an encouraging influence in their lives.

Emaan and I wanted to team up with this blog and share a little about our lives – and our relationship – so that maybe those who have been through similar experiences might relate.  We both totally believe that everyone’s story has meaning, and that our stories have purpose; sometimes to make people laugh, sometimes to help people through a struggle.  Hopefully, we can do a little of both.  

We encourage you to reach out to us and let us know some of your story, too.


Jonathan W. Campbell

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