Call Me Cupid!


(Scroll to the bottom if you are looking for gift suggestions and want to skip the V-Day rant)

Well… well… look what we have here…  Such a joyous time of year. Aside from the fact that it is February 7th and we are more than half way through winter, we are also ONE WEEK out from Valentine’s Day!

So the day of Cupid… I would be lying if I said I don’t care for the holiday, or that it is no big deal. Trust me I’ve dated some guys that made me convince myself that my love language is TIME… (insert the roll eye emoji here). I don’t mean in the, “oh you’re having a terrible week?… let me grab dinner, your favorite wine and a good movie.” I mean the, “Oh it is Valentine’s Day? Are you sure it is on February 14th?… weird that came up so quickly, I guess I will cancel my plans of watching an irrelevant college football game for a team I have no interest in tonight, to hang out with you…” So I am gifting this guide to the ones that are looking to avoid that fight… this is for the procrastinators or for anyone who is really busy and actually forgot.

I’m pretty sure Jonathan is having a slight heart attack editing this post. Like most men in the world, he is a procrastinator when it comes to planning his personal life. Give him a deadline at work and he is on it like white on rice, but ask him to make a plan for dinner reservations and he is checking for a restaurant while I am putting my shoes on to walk out the door. But let’s be honest there’s a few of us ladies out there that are floating in that same boat. I have to say I find myself guilty sometimes as well. Most holidays I am on Amazon looking for items with Prime two day shipping like its the last pair of perfect boots going at 50% off at the Macy’s one day sale.

Regardless of your gender or the gender of your recipient, I have put together a list of a few ideas for your significant other this Valentines Day. Not to worry… all of these items are available to be shipped in time for you to grab a gift bag from you local CVS after your morning Starbucks, and have it sitting on the dinner table by February 14th.

Before I get in to the guide let me throw this out there as well. For the ones with the partners that truly find TIME as their love language here is a suggestion. Being that Jonathan and I are juggling time consuming careers, schedule packed children for me, extra work projects for him, and a long distance relationship, we decided we would do a weekend trip to Minneapolis. Although he requested a trip with all three of us, he did keep Valentine’s Day in mind and asked me to line up a babysitter for a night so we can actually have a few hours alone and go on date, which will top off the weekend I am sure! So if a weekend trip is in your gifting realm, and you are currently struggling for time with your significant other, I would highly recommend this gift! Aside from that, here are a few other ideas to get you through this unofficial national holiday! I have added price ranges and links if they are available as well for your shopping ease.

Gifting a Woman:

  • Sephora’s Perfume Sampler- This is an awesome idea if you are not sure if she is ready for a new perfume or if you have no idea what type of scent she would prefer. You’re better off with this gift. She gets a few samplers and a certificate to trade in for a full size of her preferred perfume. – $65  (link below)
  • Flowers- Yes, I know this seems simple, but these flowers stay alive for a year! They are on the pricier end but if you are going to buy flowers why not splurge on something she can use as a centerpiece as well for a whole year. Personally I am not a flower person, I’m just not looking to add any more responsibility to my life right now… the watering the clipping etc. however these are an amazing alternative to the standard 12 count rose bouquet. – $249 and up
  • Dinner, Dessert and A Movie- Get tickets to the newest 50 Shades movie, a dinner certificate to her favorite restaurant and another at a bakery for after dinner. Make the reservations a head of time and ask her to be ready for a night out then give her the gift certificates and movie tickets on the way. Romance leveled up! – $150 and up
  • Makeup Subscription– There are a few companies out there that will curate a collection of makeup and skincare products for her every month based on her preferences. You can gift one box for a month, or one every month or anywhere in-between. I suggest Boxycharm as they send out full size products and start at $21 a box. If you’re feeling fancy go all out and subscribe a full year for her! -$21 to $210
  • Jewelry- These suggestions are not listed in any particular order. This one however is last on my list for one reason. Most women have specific preferences on jewelry. I for example am not a fan of expensive jewelry because I literally loose everything. Usually I’m looking for my phone and keys while I’m holding them… but if you know your partner well enough go ahead and splurge. I suppose you can’t lose with a pair of diamond earrings, but proceed with caution and don’t say I didn’t warn you. And if you must go with jewelry here is a little suggestion. $200 and up      

Gifting A Man:

  • Tickets to a sporting event or concert- win him over with this one. Do a little research if you don’t already know his favorites – $50 and up
  • Sephora’s Perfume Sampler- (for both genders) This is an awesome idea if you are not sure if he is ready for a new perfume or if you have no idea what type of scent he would prefer. This is an essential toiletry so it definitely won’t go to waste – $65
  • Watch- Timeless 😉 HAHA get it? Men don’t accessorize as much as we do but every man needs a watch. It might just be me, but I am a sucker for a man with a nice watch. – $100 and up                                              
  • Dinner, His Kind of Dessert and A Movie- Get tickets to the newest movie he has been talking about, possibly Black Panther, dinner at his favorite steakhouse and bottle of his favorite scotch. -$120 and up
  • Tour of a Brewery/Distillery– If you’re guy enjoys a cold brew or a beverage on the rocks he’s probably going to love a surprise date at one of these. Top it off by gifting him a beer or liquor from the brewery or distillery before you go as a hint on your surprise date. – $80 and up
  • Car Detailing- If he is really into his car purchase a car detailing certificate for him. Throw it in a gift bag with a few other fun items like a gas gift card and a few air fresheners. I know a few men that obsess over their cars and this would probably be their top pick! – $100 and up
  • Comedy Show- Aside from the standard dinner and movie option take him to a comedy club for a show. It is probably an upgrade from your usual scene. -$100 and up

I hope these tips will help you on your gifting struggle this week! If you are looking for help finding a more personal gift, send me a message or DM me on Instagram @stilettosinasandbox and I would love to help! May the odds be in your favor.

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