Travel Bug


Aside from fashion and beauty, I have always had a passion for traveling. Being that I am an Island Girl, born and raised in Sri Lanka for the first part of my life, I love to get away from the cold as much as possible. There is something about packing my bags and experiencing a different lifestyle, food, culture, people and frankly a different weather forecast!

As much as I love my culture and roots, living and traveling to so many different places in my life, has given me an interest in exploring as much as this world has to offer. Since becoming a mom that hasn’t always been top priority but it is pretty close to the top of my list. Baby steps… I try and take my children to a different state every year, fulfilling my travel need and teaching them about the world outside of our home. Now that my younger son is at a better traveling age we plan on exploring other countries in the near future!

This past year our family has done a ton of traveling. Luckily, I spent a year working for a major online booking company and have learned a few tricks along the way. With trying to balance a long distance relationship and Jonathan being in Texas, we sure have been racking up a few too many sky miles. Any and all tips I have learned along the way I’ll be sharing with you. Hopefully this will get you a few more stamps on your passport and keep you in your budget! I’ll dive into a few of these in more detail later on my blog, but if you are looking for more in depth ideas on how to maximize your dollars when booking travel feel free to shoot over a message or DM me on Instagram @stilettosinasandbox

If you haven’t given these any thought try it out when planning your next trip!

  1. Credit Cards- If you’re in the market for a credit card I would highly suggest checking out your options through an airline or a credit card that rewards you with flight miles.
  2. Travelling with friends- By traveling and lodging together you can purchase one package deal that includes a hotel and your friend(s) can add on a flight. This saves on the cost of hotel prices.
  3. Air BNB- This one seems obvious, but you would be surprised to know how many people don’t know about this! (My brother runs one in Hawaii and would probably love visitors!) If you haven’t checked it out head over to their website. This site is not just to find yourself inexpensive lodging but to really get you to experience unique, trendy and fun styles of lodging. If you are lucky you may get a host that is willing to show you around the local areas.
  4. International Airports- As much as possible try and fly out of an international airport. If you hate driving like me, you can find low fares from local airports to airports in major cities. That way you save money on your round trip flight while avoiding the drive and parking.
  5. Train- Although trains can be pricey when you’re heading directly to a destination, trains between local airports to major cities can be fairly inexpensive and a lot of fun. You don’t have to worry about parking, driving and weather. I would highly suggest this when a train route takes you through a scenic area.
  6. Timing- Although there is no proven amount of time prior to booking a flight to guarantee low prices I have a few theories. Jonathan is an extreme procrastinator (outside of his career) and I am an over planner (in every aspect). I’ll let you guess which one of us finds better deals on flights 😉 I would say for domestic flights you want to shoot outside of 3 weeks before your flight and international flights you want to shoot outside of 2 months-4 months. However, if you are looking for just a get away with no destination in mind, most booking websites will have last minute offers that are hard to pass!
  7. Smaller Airlines- Familiarize the smaller airlines and their flight routes. Many times they don’t advertise on the big site to save on marketing costs. Going directly to the airlines websites you can find route maps, deals, and significant pricing differences.

Give these few tips a try and I will reveal more as we go along! Let me know if you have any other tips that you have tried that work for you!

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