Raising Rugrats

I knew my About Me wouldn’t be complete without giving you a glimpse of the little’s that are the biggest part of my life.

I am an incredibly proud mom to two boys, Malik (9) and Mikail (5). Let me clarify, proud, exhausted, packed schedule, minivan in a Buick mom to two boys! One full time working human to two active, action packed children is a tough ratio. (<– personal vent… I know some of you mamas have way more going on with way more littles!). However, I would say 80% of the time they are the two people I prefer to be around the most. Well maybe even 85% of the time.

Malik is my shy, sweet, extremely intelligent and sensitive nine year old. Mikail  is my firecracker, quick with his tongue, athletic, tough guy five year old. Malik is a straight A student, that takes part in every after school program like STEM and Photography and then spends his free time at home learning about astronomy, doing math equations, online gaming, coding and practically save the world before bedtime. Mikail loves art but also loves to pretend he’s reading, fling food across the table when I blink my eyes, make funny jokes and only gets serious when it comes to hitting baseballs on the field or practicing at the hockey arena.

Just when I think I have everything down to a science my nine year old decides he too wants to be in sports(basketball) and my five year old decides he would like to learn how to play guitar(currently a Disney Planes edition guitar we scored at the thrift store!). With four years in between them, most days, my nine year old is fighting for space away from his brother and my five year old is usually busy giving him wet willies or planning his next attack. However, in between my 9-5 job, pick ups and drop off to sports and clubs, refereeing living room wrestling, meal planning and prepping breakfasts’ and dinners, gym trips and laundry we find a little time to wind down. That usually means we turn on the record player and have a dance party in our living room. If we’re lucky Jonathan jumps in on FaceTime for a little dance battle action! I opt to stay out, selflessly allowing one of those three to win. 😉 I never imagined raising two rascals on my own. Most days it isn’t easy. There isn’t any great secret for keeping your sanity, not that I have found anyway, so i’ll just keep pleading insanity. HAHA. There is not a day that goes by that I am not catching the curve balls these two throw at me. A few days where I am trying to dodge them as well ;).

However, I am me because of them. I truly believe becoming a mother has been a huge role in shaping me into the woman that I am. After all, a few scream fests in a week, possibly a mini meltdown, piled up dishes and 147 loads of laundry I still consider being their mom to be my biggest blessing. My daily mantra has definitely become “I love them, but I don’t always have to like them.” And frankly I am okay with that.

So there’s a few bits and pieces of my boys. I hope you stick around to getting to know our family a little better and we would love to get to know yours!

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