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MY 2020 UPDATE: https://stilettosinasandbox.blog/2020/02/28/hello-new-decade/


       Hey Everyone, its the beginning of 2018 and I decided to start blogging! Thank you for coming by and checking out my page. My name is Emaan Sourjah and I am a Sri Lankan, (hometown plug: Sri Lanka is a gorgeous little island off the coast of India), 27 year old mom in the small town of Detroit Lakes, MN. I live in Lake Country in the summer and practically a tundra in the winter. I am one of two children, the less fun and much less hippie of two. (Currently my older brother works, lives and thrives in Hawaii… not jealous at all.) I work in the hospitality field as a Director of Sales and love it… most days. I have two of the most amazing little boys(aside from the fighting, wrestling and kicking), Malik (9) and Mikail (5). I am a California girl that came to the Midwest on an adventure and never seemed to have found my way back. Although Minnesota and North Dakota have become home, my little family and I will sooner or later get back to a much warmer state. Fashion, travel, food and beauty have always been a few of my passions in life. My passion triggered me to go to school for Cosmetology and I thought that would push me in the direction of the beauty industry. When I was younger I always imagined myself growing up to be a stylist or interior designer or something of that sort. Funny thing… life seemed to have a few different ideas for me. In between the chaos of my life I picked up blogging.

      Before I knew it I became a mom, wife, employee, weekend crafter, weekday lunch packer, field trip chaperone and everything else in between. Soon after, I became a single mom; frustrated and tired.  I found writing to be something that came naturally to me and helped me release the simple stresses of life. It was my way of venting my 9-5 work woes and my all day parenting pains. Unfortunately, my hectic life kept rolling and blogging took the back burner much like everything else that I  had become passionate about. My career and children were my 9-5 and 24/7, my all and everything.

      Fast forward a few years and… I have mastered it all, specially parenting! Just kidding, that’s not a thing, no one has mastered it…ever. I promise. I have mastered a few things however(keep clicking and reading ;). I have made mistakes, many of them…. as a parent, a daughter, a friend, a girl friend, a woman and well flat out as a human being. I found failure and success in my career. I lost friends I may have never truly known and made friends who feel like soul mates. I have cried many nights in my closet, alone after my children went to bed and I have danced many nights to a record player in the living room with my children as well. I had my heart completely shattered into pieces and then I fell in love with someone who has easily become my best friend.

       Along this journey I realized a few things… my children are growing up right before my eyes, I am starting to see wrinkles on my face(still looking for a solution for this, so please share all your tips and tricks with me. Thanks in advance!), and my bills only get bigger! HAHA. Things that felt like the big things don’t seem to be the big things anymore. I can remember great memories with my children, friends and family, but just not enough of them. Blogging is my opportunity to document my beautiful, imperfectly perfect life so I can look back and see all the little things which are actually the big things. I am learning to let go and just live.  I am learning to enjoy my beautiful blessings, career, children, my life, my friends, my family and my boyfriend (Jonathan… a huge part in this blog from moral support to editing to content choice to personal photographer and paparazzi). As I am learning to balance all of the people, places, and ideas in my life I would love to share it all with you. Some days the road is bumpy and the rest of the way it is smooth sailing. It is practically as predictable as the winter weather in Minnesota!

      This blog in all its little pieces is a window into my puzzle of a life. I hope my words will connect us as friends, as mothers or simply as women. Hopefully my thoughts, ideas, memories, tips and tricks will be something useful in your life!  Sometimes you just need someone you can relate to, going through the same trials and tribulations and may be on a similar journey. Regardless if you are here for beauty and style tips, travel to-do’s, or parenting advice, thanks a million for stopping by! I look forward to getting to know you guys and I hope you enjoy reading!



IG: stilettosinasandbox


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